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What are the hemming, hem and oil side wallets?

2017-03-25 11:30:10 Bubuxin Import & Export CO.,LTD Read

Folding Wallet: refers to when the leather factory in the production of leather wallet, the wallet back off around a small cut, used to wrap the edges, the purpose of doing this is the wallet will not only be more durable, and more beautiful, also called wrapping wallet.

Folding Purse

Oil: Oil wallet concept edge, also called loose mouth oil, the three-dimensional contour of leather products components or edge fit after grinding, roll on a layer of leather edge oil decorative traditional craft, used to cover PU and leather and incision, after the combination of the exposed edge. The method of oil can be divided into different processing technology, different processing technology of thick oil and only to improve the edge of the thin oil method two. Thick oil method suitable for high-grade leather wallet processing is crisp, edge smooth and plump; thin oil of soft leather are common, but it is the edge of the visible gap coarse fiber and fit for processing, leisure bags.

Oil side of the process: process: Oil --- sanding --- oil --- Polish --- oil --- natural dry. In general, this is OK, if not, oil more than once