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Trade import and export price factors

2017-03-25 11:24:58 Bubuxin Import & Export CO.,LTD Read

In foreign trade, the pricing principles of import and export commodities, in implementing the principle of equality and mutual benefit on the basis, in accordance with the international market price levels, combined with the country (region) policy, and in accordance with our business intent to determine the appropriate price. Due to the price structure of different factors, factors that affect price changes also varied. Therefore, in determining the import and export commodity prices, we must fully consider the various factors affecting the price, strengthening cost and profit and loss accounts, and pay attention to the same commodity should have a reasonable spread in different situations. 

In addition to determining the import and export commodity prices follow the above principles should be considered outside the following factors: 

First, place of delivery and delivery conditions 

In international trade, due to different delivery locations and delivery conditions, the responsibility borne by the buyer and seller, costs and risks are different, in determining the import and export commodity prices, we must first consider this factor. For example, within the same distance in the same commodity traded, CIF basis deal with pressing DES (FOB Port of arrival) conditions of the transaction, the price should be different. 

Second, the transport distance 

International Sale of Goods, generally go through the long-distance transport, the transport distance relationship to distance freight and insurance costs, thus affecting commodity prices. Therefore, in determining when commodity prices, transport costs must be accounted for, prepare parity work. 

Third, the quality of goods and grades 

In the international market, usually according to quality, that is high quality, inferior system upset. The merits of quality, packaging and decoration is good or bad, good or bad styles, old and new styles, trademarks, well-known brand names, all affect commodity prices. 

Fourth, seasonal factors 

In the international market, some seasonal goods, such as the time before the seasons arrive, grab the line should be the city that can sell Shanghao price. After a seasonal commodity often priced very low, even lower than the cost of the "fire-sale" for sale. Therefore, we should make full use of seasonal factors, the fight by a favorable price.

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